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Designed exclusively to help financial advisors & insurance brokers build 7 figure agencies by developing successful partnerships with CPA's & other centers of influence.


CPA's and other tax professionals are branching into the insurance industry at a rapid pace in an effort to become more competitive in their own. An advisor's ability to get involved with CPA's now will create an unparalleled advantage for them going forward. Instead of network marketing, imagine a consistent flow of referrals coming to you with a full endorsement from their CPA. Likewise, everyone at your agency scaling their business by helping CPA's predict and solve more complex issues for the American business family.

Why you should partner with CPA's
Preferred Prospect
  • One successful CPA partnership can be worth six figures in personal production.

  • Two or more partnerships (or one small firm) can be worth seven figures.

  • Appointments with CPA's who are expressing an interest in how you can add value to them will give you a chance to present your value to a potential business partner that can refer consistent and high value clients, eliminating marketing expenses. 

myCPAgency Course $497
  • Multiple booked appointments with whoever your preferred prospect is (EXAMPLE: Small business owners or individuals who have recently switched careers and may be shopping around an existing 401K)

  • Each appointment expressing some sort of interest in how you are able to help them.

  • A teachable system available to the rest of your agency or downline at no additional cost.

Preferred Prospect Course $497
Multiple interested appointments per month within 90 days or your money back!
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